I will never move out of Kliptown

18 Octobre 2012, 13:17pm

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“I will never move out of Kliptown. Kliptown is the welcome that you get. It is the love that we show each other that counts. In Kliptown, there are certain people who will help you. I am part of Kliptown because I grew up here. In Kliptown, you can’t fake your life. We live what we are. I’ve got a lot of friends who live in the suburbs but during the weekends, you will find them here. They still miss this place. Kliptown is where our roots are.”

“If they could say we must upgrade our houses, I think that would be better. It will give us that confidence to know that we are staying here. Some of the people are scared to renovate their houses because they keep on telling us we are moving.”

“People come and buy here to go and sell in Soweto, in Freedom Park, ... Kliptown is like a mother town. If they could give us at least real toilets and electricity, we would be happy. But now since all these years, we must still live like our fore fathers and mothers. If they can put me a toilet here in the yard, I will say: “No thank you for an electrified house elsewhere!” 



Benoit Allanic and Gene Duiker © Copyright Kliptown Our Town Trust, 2002.

Photograph 1940's : "Swimming in the marshland to the south of Kliptown". (© Copyright KOTT)