I just decided

23 Octobre 2012, 18:30pm

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"I just decided, no man, I must get some women and cook for these children, because their parents don’t even come for their food parcels. These children are always hungry and miserable and all that. So I got about five women willing, cooked – I’ve got a big stove here – they would cook pap, and then soup, after school all the children would come here with their little dishes... Then I spoke to them, I said, don’t you think – look how big this yard is, all I do in this yard is get a man to plough, and then we have mielies, pumpkins, beans and all that. So these women, they used to sing, you know, clean up the weeds and all that, and then these others now were interested... Goodness me, the vegetables that came out of there! Then everybody was interested, because every time, they see them carrying pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes and all, going home to go and feed their children."

Eva Mokoka, quoted by Naomi Roux in Speaking of Freedom? Heritage, memory and public remembering in Kliptown, University University of the Witwatersrand, 2009.